Wholesale Provisions

Holly Poultry has its roots in the meat commodities market, combining generations of industry experience with cutting edge technology and an experienced warehouse and distribution team. Over the years, we have built amazing relationships with our suppliers that allow us to negotiate the best rates for the freshest products. We specialize in buying and receiving all grades of fresh beef, pork and poultry and we do this 7 days a week to ensure freshness and the most competitive value to our customers. 

70% of our sales comes from commodities. In our 40,000 square foot facility equipped with the latest scanning technology and our experienced team of professionals, we ensure that all of our products meet the strictest guidelines for food safety and quality . We offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of our distributors. Our multilingual sales team is available around the clock to meet your needs. Please contact a Customer Service Representative today for more information.

We specialize in:

• Fresh Poultry

• Beef

• Pork

• Specialty Items - Goat, Turkey, Fowl, Fish, etc...

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Wholesale Products